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Berlin's Event Security Services Industry

A holistic security assessment by Preventis also includes the comprehensive consideration of Berlin's security services industry and event security Berlin service provider, their current situation and any associated risk that could hamper or interrupt the staging of any Berlin event.

There have been several issues relating to Berlin’s security services industry and Berlin event security service provider. We have summarized the main points on this page. In doing so, we rely on OSINT information and own vast experience from activities in Berlin’s event security management.

Undeclared Work, Illegal Employment, and Tax Fraud

Germany's security services industry and Berlin event security service provider are particularly affected by undeclared work and therefore vulnerable to illegal employment. Only recently the security industry was the target of extensive criminal investigations of law enforcement agencies. Search warrants were executed in Munich, Leipzig, Berlin and surrounding areas, in the state of Brandenburg. With the strong growth of the security industry, there has been a trend towards subcontracting and increasing VAT fraud.

Meanwhile, the Federal Council as well as the Federal Government made corresponding statements and confirmed they are addressing the problems.

However, law enforcement action has so far not been enough to put a stop to the machinations of the criminal element. It is not only the minor players in the security industry involved in these “games”, even large and well-known companies are said to be involved.

Employment of Unlicensed Employees

Another issue that negatively impacts the Berlin event security industry and also security provider throughout Germany is the employment of unlicensed employees.

Unfortunately it is quite in common in Berlin for companies to provide security services with non-licensed Berlin event security personnel. This is illegal. Mostly, these so-called security personnel don’t have the training, have not passed the required exam, they are not licensed, and as a result, do not have valid security clearance. Many of them are subcontractors or hired by subcontractors. Some are even sub-sub-subcontractors! Timely verification of passed training, graduation, licenses, employment history, as well as a valid insurance coverage becomes a challenge, especially to someone unfamiliar with the Berlin event security industry. Also, the staff rosters of third-party Berlin event security service providers are often unpredictable with a high turnover.

Illegally, these people will simply be declared by third party Berlin event security providers as “logistic staff”. This serves the purpose of circumventing necessary licensing and the obligation to obtain insurance. In an unlikely event of a review, these third party Berlin event security vendors are easily able to claim that security personnel have never been requested, only logistics staff. Without an experienced event security management team, the event organizer might be completely unaware of these issues and all related risk.

By adopting these methods, the Berlin event security service provider defrauds its customer by billing services they have not carried out. The event organizer will pay hourly rates for licensed Berlin event security personnel, while the security service provider only supplies unskilled logistic staff. Even worse, any security service provider who is using such methods not only endangers the event itself, but also the organizer's assets and brand reputation.

If you think this is an isolated case, we must disappoint you. Rather, it is a widespread system within the Berlin event security industry and beyond in Germany, that compromises not only customers who demand security services, but also those Berlin event security service providers who work lawfully and fairly.

These methods of fraud are used by many dubious security firms. Some of them are possibly respected. Secretly however, they only pursue the goal of boosting their own profits, regardless of any consequences.

“Pay peanuts, get monkeys”

There is an old saying, “Pay peanuts, get monkeys.” This is very relevant to the Berlin event security industry. Unfortunately, low paid, poorly trained and quite often unlicensed security personnel are employed in Berlin by unscrupulous security companies, mostly in “sub-sub-contracting” arrangements.

The cause is not only profit seeking within the security services industry,  insufficient budgets to provide qualified and trained security personnel also have a major impact. A vicious circle results, with extreme risks.

That's why there are sometimes individuals posing as trained, licensed security personnel on many events. They can be recognized by their bad attitude, unprofessional appearance, poor language skills and, most importantly, a disturbing lack of security sense.

Risk and security management for sensitive corporate events in Berlin

Event security entails far more than merely dotting the venue with event security personnel. The process is quite complex and requires extensive coordination and communication.

Understanding the risk of third-party providers and the actual circumstances of the Berlin security industry, ensure Preventis is able to customize existing conditions to the individual event requirements. We know security, we know Berlin. We ensure only security staff from third party vendors in Berlin are employed who meet our high standards, and are officially licensed.

Event Security Berlin. As an organizer or event manager, what you should know about Berlin city, its event security industry and venues.