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Event Venues in Berlin

The German capital of Berlin offers an impressive range of convention and event venues throughout the different boroughs, with locations to suit every event size, style and requirement. Berlin has hosted events ranging from various exhibitions, regional, national and international trade shows, general business and executive meetings, and conventions, to welcoming international leaders to the city for high profile summits.

There are some important points event organizers and event managers should consider regarding the safety and security of Berlin’s event venues.

Current Situation

Berlin venues have recognized the business opportunities in supplying security personnel. Not all, but some are very keen to upsell security services in addition to renting out their Berlin event location. Berlin venues usually engage third-party security vendors and Berlin local security service providers, possibly without even having the necessary understanding of what they are selling to their clients.

Even though it could make sense to have individual venue security personnel close at hand that know the venue, most of those Preventis has reviewed in the past have not satisfied our stringent criteria.

Simply dotting the venue with security personnel without a profound understanding of every single security position's function is unfortunately a daily occurrence at Berlin events.

The Preventis team has met "Chief Security Officers" at Berlin venues who were listed on three payrolls at once: The payroll of the venue, the security service provider, and also on the payroll of the medical service supplier. These people don’t act in the interest of their clients and don’t customize safeguards to the event's requirements. Their only goal is to raise the number of security personnel and paramedics in order to increase sales and profits and to collect the highest possible bonuses.

We are convinced profit-seeking is the wrong approach when it comes to the safety and security of sensitive corporate events. Especially if this affects the quality and safety of the event. Those who act in such a way not only endanger the event and its participants, but also the organizer's assets and brand reputation.

Recommended Actions

Selecting only security service providers and security professionals whose qualifications and methods meet the Preventis criteria ensures prudent maximization of the available budget and high efficiency and effectiveness of the event‘s security.

We strongly recommend NOT including the venue’s event security personnel when renting an event location. If this is not possible, the number of security personnel provided by the venue should be kept as low as possible. Security personnel bound to, or acting on behalf of the event location involve the risk of being inflexible and even worse, providing low quality security services, potentially endangering your event and reputation.

The use of third-party vendors is a key risk area in the security industry today. On the other hand, the use of third-party service providers is often unavoidable. Assessing, addressing and managing third-party risk is part of the key skills of Preventis. We detect any excessive scope of performance by third-party vendors and carefully manage their operations.

Event Security Berlin. As an organizer or event manager, what you should know about Berlin city, its event security industry and venues.