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Special Event Security Berlin

Preventis provides special event security for major corporate events in Berlin and throughout Germany and Europe.

Our special event security team works to enable your project, protect assets, brand reputation and facilitate the movement of guests, staff, and VIPs.

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holistic risk assessment

Preventis identifies and accurately measures threats, assesses vulnerabilities and calculates risks for your particular project. This occurs from the planning phase and continues for the duration of the event. After the conclusion of your event, we present an After-Action Report, documenting any security issues and our response.

guaranteed legally compliant

The use of third party vendors is a key risk area in the security industry today. Preventis has extensive experience in negating third party vendor risk.

We provide comprehensive services for detecting any legal violation and eliminate its causes. Clients can be assured that Preventis delivers an independent security assessment of all companies and individuals involved in the event security program.

'low-profile' safeguards

Preventis prefers a low-profile approach to protect events and individuals who wish to maintain their privacy, with the confidence that a responsive security team is close at hand should a situation arise.

We deliver customized protection to suit every event's immediate and on-going requirements. We provide covert and overt protection, with discrete, low-profile alternatives exceeding security objectives.

police/security authorities

Preventis has active, long-standing connections to various authorities, including police, security authorities and municipal public order offices.

We establish liaison between event management and any authority whenever needed. Preventis has an excellent working relationship with local authorities to ensure your event will be conducted safely and securely.

Special Event Security Berlin

Special Event Security Management

Regardless of the scale of your Berlin event, planning the safety and security has to be always first priority. That starts at the very beginning. You can depend on Preventis. We provide the best support in Berlin you can get.

Preventis provides special event security services in Berlin and throughout Germany and Europe to corporate clients from around the globe. This includes security protective services, project management security and special event security management. You are guaranteed of bespoke event security solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We design and manage customized security solutions for high-profile Berlin corporate events, shareholder meetings and challenging VIP events.

Preventis has already worked alongside well-known event organizers, internationally leading risk consulting firms, corporate security departments, state and federal police authorities and government agencies at many significant events.

Entirely independent from Berlin's venues and from local Berlin security service providers, Preventis enables the ultimate level of safety and security. We ensure our clients avoid the risks from hiring illegal, non-licensed Berlin security staff and detect any excessive scope of performance by third party vendors.

In close cooperation with the event team, Preventis acquires an understanding of all components of an event. Once everything is fully understood, Preventis and the special event security team proceed on to the implementation phase, then manages the operation of the event on site in Berlin.

Whenever possible, we use our Berlin agents to operate events in Berlin. Our "locals” know the mindset, customs, regulations and lay of the city, so we can deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness.

To assess threat levels and mitigate all possible risk, we carry out security due diligence services, as well as on site security assessments.

Preventis operates in an enabling function. That means we assist the corporate events team at every stage, to avoid complicating matters with inflexible security protocol.

The brand reputation, and ensuring that the client and shareholder experience remain impeccable, are key components of the understanding of our mission. We are also conscious of the inherent potential threats to reputation and brand, from hosting of an event.

Utilizing our special skills to react appropriately to any situation, we know when to blend in and be low profile and when to be an effective visual deterrent. As specialists in physical protection, we determine which methods and measures to implement, based on each client's unique requirements. Our services are carried out on a fully customized basis.

Preventis’ exclusive network of resources includes physical locations, agents and partners located throughout the country and abroad, including security personnel, local security service providers, protective security officers, protective surveillance professionals, paramedics, and drivers that combine to provide your Berlin event with the highest standards of safety and security.

Preventis prefers a low-profile approach to protect events and individuals who wish to maintain their privacy, with the confidence that a responsive security team is close at hand should a situation arise. Nevertheless, if visible security personnel and obvious safeguards are required, Preventis will draw from its trustworthy sources.

Event Security Berlin. As an organizer or event manager, what you should know about Berlin city, its event security industry and venues.

Independence from Berlin venues and Berlin local security service providers ensures a high level of real security.
service provider-independent
100% legally compliant
network of professionals

Probably the highest quality level of event security you can get in Berlin

Independent from venues and Berlin security service providers Preventis achieves probably the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency within its fields.

Bespoke event security solutions on the basis of highest standards

Bespoke protection to suit your Berlin event's need and requirements.

Holistic security due diligence assessments

Third-party risk: We ensure legal compliance of security provider and personnel involved in your Berlin event.

Protection of assets and your brand reputation

Preventis places a high emphasis on brand reputation and ensuring your customer, and stakeholder experience through your Berlin event is faultless.

Close cooperation with the event team

Preventis cooperates with and assists the event team at every juncture.

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