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About Berlin

Berlin is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions and a vibrant nightlife scene. With about 3.65 million inhabitants, the city of Berlin is the most populous and, with 892 square kilometers, the largest municipality in Germany. Whilst it is a relatively safe city to visit, it is still advised to take care when travelling.

With an offence rate per 100,000 inhabitants of 14,160 offences (in 2018), Berlin and Frankfurt count on the same level to the places with the highest crime rates in Germany. Thus, the crime rate of Berlin is more than three times as high as that in New York City and almost twice as high as in the whole state of New York.

For hosting a corporate event in Berlin, you are strongly advised considering all special local circumstances to get a realistic evaluation of security risks.

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Event Security Berlin. As an organizer or event manager, what you should know about Berlin city, its event security industry and venues.